Commercial Reno

STAR4LIFE specializes in tenant improvement (TI), tenant fit-out, leasehold improvement, and landlord improvement. We have the experience, the size, the resources, the process, the team, and most importantly the right price to deliver on time. Our experience in commercial renovation  services makes it easy to quote projects, even with limited upfront information. As with all projects we complete, one of our most important assets is that we listen to and understand your needs to configure the space to create the right space for the business. As part of the construction process we work in conjunction with the tenants, owners and property managers. By involving all parties in the project, any concerns can be addressed early. Our goal is to ensure all parties are kept in the loop and satisfied with the overall schedule, budget and progress of the project. We provide work that is not only aesthetically inspired but also functional. Plus, we are capable of working within your monetary time and budget, providing a totality of service which means you don’t need to look to multiple companies to complete your tenant improvement projects. STAR4LIFE offers specials to property managers and listing agents. Contact us today to find out about our special offer to you!

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