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About Star

At STAR4LIFE, we aim to  always exceed clients’ expectations. That is accomplished by high intention and sincere efforts in knowing you as our customers, listing to you, and identifying your needs and desires to direct and execute them skillfully. Our commitment to provide you with excellent customer service and our passion for building give our customer a unique avantage. Delivering value to our customers is extremely important to us. We are confident that our customers derive value from our exceptional craftsmanship and customer care.  


STAR4LIFE ‘s co-founder has been in the industry for 29 years. He is the construction manager and will be physically present every day on job site and pays exceptionally close attention to every details of construction.He is passionate about his craft, and cares deeply about delivering perfection to his customers on budget on time. This truly is STAR4LIFE’s asset and distinction from larger companies employing others as their construction managers.



  • We provide excellent craftsmanship on time and on budget with excellent customer care
  • We leave stress out your project by establishing direct client’s communications with You. you will not work through any intermediaries to contact us.
  • Budget will be maintained and respected throughout, any upgrades/change of order will be thoroughly discussed and noted, and therefore, there will not be any financial surprises.
  • We are devoted to client’s needs which is accomplished by working patiently and diligently with clients to ensure all needs and wants were incorporated into their project.