Star Process

Star Process is designed to be fully supportive of client. Its goal is to walk you through our commitment to value, transparency and insight. Star Process will take you seamlessly through all stages of your construction/renovation project including design, budgeting, permits and zoning, scheduling, materials selection, contracts, specifications, construction, and warranties (where applicable).

Star Process – First Step

Star Process starts with an initial consultation. When you make contact with us, we will schedule a complementary, no obligation consultation. We’ll have a look at your proposed site and listen to your innovative ideas and expectations for your project, suggest ideas based on our experience then establish a plan going forward. Our meetings are relaxed, informative and pressure free.

Star Feasibility Study

We have developed Star Feasibility Study to take the guesswork out of important initial uncertain areas. From the very beginning, Star Feasibility Study thoroughly check city zoning and building by-laws to determine that all necessary permits will be issued in order to complete exactly what you envision. The next step is to determine if it’s going to be worthwhile; if it’s cost effective. By the end of this essential feasibility step, you will have enough information to make truly informed decision about moving forward on the project. In some cases, the Star Feasibility can be easily determined at the first meeting at no cost. In more complicated situations a modest retainer may be required to facilitate the needed research.

Star Process – Contract

We offer two options:  Star Cost Plus Control and Star Fixed Price.